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JK Products® is committed to making the fairest and best slot car racing possible.

We continue to pursue a major quality improvement program with all of our products. Regarding our motors, we have dramatically reduced variability and strive to make each and every motor as consistent as possible. While we will continue to improve our motors, we have now added another factor, protecting our motors from tampering.

Introducing the first major step in JK Products® motor protection system, our new YSNP coating. (

This was “secretly” introduced at the recent and highly successful R4. Some believe that it is possible to open one of our Hawk™ 7 or Hawk™ Retro cans, modify the motor, and replace it without detection. While we think this would be very difficult without showing signs of tampering, we have developed a proprietary system that will make this pretty near impossible.

Using my background from my prior business (Color Change Corporation) and my education as a chemical engineer, I developed a photochromic coating that effectively seals the motor. This is far superior to the common tape system as it cannot be easily removed and replaced:

a. It is formulated for high adhesion to metal and is difficult to physically remove without leaving marks or using such high heat as to damage the motor and the color changing capability of the coating.

b. If the coating were somehow removed without leaving marks, it cannot be dissolved or re-constituted and replaced as the material would no longer change color.

c. Finally, no formulation like this is available anywhere in the world.

As the Hawk™ 6 pictures show, it works extremely will for our Hawk™ and Hawk™ 6 motors too in sealing the end bell. Again, a much more secure system than simple tape.

How does it work?

In the before pictures, it looks like a typical coating or glue (before). When you shine a UV light on it, it changes color within seconds (after). Once the UV light is removed, in a minute or so, it goes back to clear. We have the ability to make different colors as a further impediment to attempted work arounds on the coating.

Are there any restrictions?

The only one would be to not leave your motor outside in sunshine for a long time as the material will eventually stop changing color. But it’s fine to walk outside (in sunshine) and watch it change color as I’m sure many at the R4 have already figured out.

These protected motors are intended for handout races only and will be a special-order item supplied direct from JK Products to the raceways. They will not be generally available to distributors, raceways, or racers due to the price premium and desire to strictly control their usage. The additional cost (over $2 at retail) is something we think most racers would not be willing to pay.

Introducing The JK Motor Protection System (for Hand Out motor races) JK Hawk 6 with the same treatment on one can screw